About The Neighborhood

Brodie Creek is a quiet neighborhood in west Little Rock. It exudes a charm of the "old days" with unique architecture, creative and beautiful landscaping, sidewalks and attractive street lamps.

Brodie Creek is a traditional neighborhood with about 80 homes. 

The homes range from approximately 1,800 to 4,000 square feet, most with three to four bedrooms. The majority of the homes have colorful exteriors and large porches, resembling coastal homes. And while each house is unique, they have all been approved by the architectural code set by the town architect, John Allison, AIA, of Allison Architects.

Features such as sidewalks on both sides of the street, alleys that provide access to garages hidden from street view, a pond, a park, and a pavilion contribute to the traditional style of Brodie Creek. The layout of the neighborhood makes it extremely convenient and safe to walk and ride bikes. 

Another appealing aspect of the neighborhood is its small-town atmosphere.      

Homeowners gather often in the neighborhood’s common area for events such as movie nights and holiday parades.

Since there are so many children in the neighborhood, an added bonus is its proximity to Baker Elementary School.

Brodie Creek is located west of Interstate 430 and Bowman Road. Homes in the neighborhood sell between $225,000 - $500,000.